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Following Document Require For IEM Certificate/Industrial Licenses:

  •   1.   Name And Residential Address Of Partners / Directors / Proprietor With Telephone Number, Fax, E-Mail Address Etc.

  •   2.   Name And Address, Telephone No., Fax No., E.Mail Address Of The Company Registered Office Address.

  •   3.   Name And Designation Of The Signing Authority.

  •   4.   Location / Factory Address Of The Company

  •   5.    Online Fund Trasfer For Request Rs.2250.

  •   6.   Details Of Machinery Proposed To Be Installed With Approximate Value. If Any Import Envisaged, Cif Value, Landed Cost Etc.
           May Be Furnished. App.)

  •   7.   Requirement Of Raw Material (Cotton / Viscose / Polyester Etc.,) For The Proposed Capacity Per Day Approximate Figure In Kg.
           For The Proposed Capacity Per Day With Approximate Figure In Rs.

  •   8.   Details Of Investment On Land, Building For The Proposed Capacity.

  •   9.   Details Of Financial Pattern For The Proposal.
            a. Bank b. Own c. Other Sources

  •   10.  Details Of Employment For The Proposal
            a. Supervisory b. Non – Supervisory

  •   11.  Details Of Earlier Licenses / Certificates / Permissions Etc. Obtained From The O/O The Textile Commissioner / Ministry Of Industry / Dic – Provide Copies.

  •   12.  Kindly Provide Copy Of The Following:
            a. Partnership Deed In Case Partnership Firm b. Memorandum And Articles Of Assn. In Case Pvt Ltd / Public Ltd Co.

  •   13.   Details Of Loan (Term / Cc / Od Etc. As Applicable) Availed.

  •   14.  Proposed Items Of Manufacture With Generic Name.

  •   15.   Whether Noc Obtained From The Tnpcb For Air / Water. If So, Kindly Provide A Copy.

  •   16.   Any Foreign Collaboration Envisaged? If So Details Thereof.

  •   17.  Annual Capacity For The Manufacturing Product.

  •   18.  Letter Head 10-Nos

  •   19.  Digital Key – Class II (Individual)