We are specialIzed services in:

Specialized Arranging Following Licences Issued From JDGFT Offices:

  •    Import Export Code- (IEC Certificate)

  •    Focus Product Licenses-FPS (Eligiblity Upto Export Dt 31-3-2015)

  •   Focus Market Licenses-FMS (Eligiblity Upto Export Dt 31-3-2015)

  •   Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana Scheme -VKGUY Licenses (Eligiblity Upto Export Dt 31-3-2015)

  •   Export Promotion Capital Goods – EPCG License

  •   Duty Exemption Scheme

  •   Advance Authorisation

  •   Export/Import Permission Certificate

  •   Export House Certificate

  •   Import Licenses For Import Of Restricted Items Approved By DGFT,Delhi

  •   Approval Of Zalc Norms By Ministry Of Commerce Approved By DGFT,Delhi

  •   Review Of Unviable Norms Already Approved By DGFT,Delhi